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Performance Based Standards ( PBS )

Haulmark was one of the first trailer manufacturers in Australia to embrace the PBS concept and having done so delivered our first PBS approved vehicle a 58’ tri axle steerable trailer  in 2007 , another  52’ non steerable trailer in 2008 and of course the A-Double in 2010.  Since that time we have developed a range of PBS vehicles and combinations that have provided significant productivity gains for the transport operator whilst at the same time has provided an enhanced level of safety .

PBS allows the manufacturer to develop trailers and combinations outside of the prescriptive standards approval system however the vehicles performance must meet a stringent set of performance guidelines in order to gain approval to operate.

Haulmark is very well positioned to innovate and develop new PBS vehicle concepts and gain approvals to suit the operational needs of the specific freight task.

Haulmark Engineering



Every piece of Road Transport equipment that Haulmark produces has been designed by our team of highly qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians. To ensure the ongoing traceability and support to our valued clients every trailer produced has a complete detailed set of engineering and manufacturing drawings that ensure Australian Design Rule ( ADR ) compliance , design integrity and product suitability, Haulmark Trailers ( Australia ) is quality assured and certified to ISO9001:2008.

Our Engineering and Manufacturing philosophy fits perfectly with the highly specialised transport industry that operates today. We are able to custom design and manufacture specialised trailers and transport equipment that optimise productivity and efficiency whilst minimising whole of life operating costs for the transport operator.


Haulmark Lowloaders are designed to suit both on and off road applications. Available in various axle and suspension configurations , widths and deck lengths the trailer can be designed and manufactured to suit  specific operational requirements.

Options such as hydraulic ramps , widening beavertail ,  outriggers , container pins hydraulic winches and rear push pull bumpers can be accommodated within the trailer design.

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Cattle Trailers

Haulmark is iconic in the Cattle industry with our involvement dating back to the late 1960’s . Over the last 50 years our product range has developed extensively inconjunction with the developing Cattle Industry culminating in an extensive range of trailer designs and options which enhance cattle loading and handling whilst being transported .

The Haulmark range of cattle trailers incorporate side and rear loading options and of course the Road Train Thru Loading system which provides a very efficient and low stress environment for loading multiple decks of cattle .

Haulmark Cattle Trailers are available in both steel and aluminium designs catering to both the lighter tare weight B-Double combinations for the Southern markets in addition to the Northern and Western heavier duty road train applications.


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Tankers and Dangerous Goods

Our Brisbane based Tanker and Dangerous Goods division specialises in the manufacture, modification and repair of Road Tankers and the modification of trucks to comply with the Dangerous Goods Code AS2809, additionally we are certified to carry out Safe Load Pass ( SLP ) inspections and approvals.

As a result of our specialised Dangerous Goods facility we are able to undertake complex maintenance and repair work, additionally we design and develop fully compliant loading and discharge pumping systems for a range of bulk applications.